• cvp

    I know we can display an animated gif via a WebView
    but I wanted to display it into an Image, thus...
    try this little imperfect script
    if you tap on the gif, it will stop or restart

    PS sorry if already done

    from PIL import Image
    import ui
    import io
    class Gif(ui.View):
        def __init__(self,gif_file,duration):
            self.duration = duration
            self.ImageView = ui.ImageView()
            self.pil = Image.open(gif_file)
            self.update_interval = self.duration / self.pil.n_frames
            self.frame_id = 0
        def pil2ui(self,imgIn):
            with io.BytesIO() as bIO:
                imgIn.save(bIO, 'PNG')
                imgOut = ui.Image.from_data(bIO.getvalue())
            del bIO
            return imgOut
        def update(self):
            # Display individual frames from the loaded animated GIF file
            self.ImageView.image = self.pil2ui(self.pil)
            self.frame_id = self.frame_id + 1
            if self.frame_id >= self.pil.n_frames:
                self.frame_id = 0
        def touch_ended(self,touch):
            if self.update_interval == 0:
                self.update_interval = self.duration / self.pil.n_frames
                self.update_interval = 0
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        v = Gif('dog left to right.gif',1)

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  • cvp

    @Sabarblatoe Even so, I don't see the image in the UI designer, only when I run the script.
    I did not reinstall the app.

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  • cvp

    @Sabarblatoe example of custom attributes in UI designer:



    {'image':ui.Image.named('IMG_6066.PNG'). with_rendering_mode(ui.RENDERING_MODE_ORIGINAL)}

    But you only will see the effect when you run your script, not at design time

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  • cvp

    Personally, I use FTP to access my NAS

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  • cvp

    @kami Sorry it I can't help, I don't know anything about Xcode...

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  • cvp

    @Phuket2 I've corrected a serious error 😂

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  • cvp

    @Phuket2 No freeze but not used a lot...

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  • cvp

    @Phuket2 Immediately integrated in my apps/tools

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  • cvp

    @paul-b Ok for me also with last Pythonista and IOS versions on a iPad Mini 4...

    Using script of @Phuket2 :

    ('pythonista_ver_str', '3.2')
    ('pythonista_ver_num', '320000')
    ('ios_ver_str', '11.2.5')
    ('screen_resoultion', Size(768.00, 1024.00))
    ('screen_scale', 2.0)
    ('machine_architecture', '64bit')
    ('machine_model', 'iPad5,1')

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