• cvp

    @ihf V01.15 and outline.versions with

    Version V01.15
      - when copy selected rows, outlines and texts are also copied in standard
        IOS PasteBoard for eventual paste in another app
      - correction of bug "left title of horizontal popup does not show the tapped 
        outline but the text of another line, even from a previous file"

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  • cvp

    @ihf said:

    I’m in landscape mode and the line I’m talking about is to the left of hide children in the pop-up menu. The interesting thing is that this line which is one line of an outline isn’t going away regardless of which item I touch even if I change outlines. It even persists if I start a new outline and touch 1.0 in the new outline

    Ok, understood, you didn't say you work with horizontal popup (which has a bug). Will correct it.

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  • cvp

    @ihf said:

    I presume you are running iOS 15

    Yes. aren't you?

    But this ObjectiveC class exists from ios4...
    Did you try on a device where Pythonista is authorized to access calendar?

    Could you try on iPad please?

    Edit: same problem on my iPhone.

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  • cvp

    @ihf popup window:

    • at top, tapped outline
    • at bottom, last copied text, stored in file outline.clipboard, able to be pasted

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  • cvp

    @ihf said

    I seem to have just stumbled on a bug. When I touch the outline number of one of the items in order to get the pop-up menu ,instead of showing it for the line I touch, it shows it for one of the items in the middle of the outline. It shows this item no matter which one I touch. There may also be a related bug which is this particular outline item has a long line of text and the pop-up menu tries to show this entire line which pushes the right hand part of the menu off the screen

    Do you have this problem with new V 01.14version?

    Where do you see in the popup window for which line it is?

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  • cvp

    @ihf said:

    Script gets an error:

    Weird. I don't have any problem with this little script.
    Could you check if code is identical no retry after a restart of Pythonista? Before testing any other script

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  • cvp

    @ihf did:

    but is there already a way to select and copy to the pasteboard so that the items can be pasted into another app?

    No. But, of course, I could foresee such an option but whaT do you want To paste? Only the texts or also the outlines? And for several lines?

    @ihf said

    It would be nice if the due date event could optionally set the Repeat interval and the Alert/Second alert timing.

    No code is incorporated in outline.py, but could you test this little script only to see if you like the standard calendar event dialog

    import ui
    from objc_util import *
    def EventEditViewController(title=None):
      v = ui.View()
      if title:
        v.name = title
      v.rgb = None
      vc = ObjCInstance(v)
      store = ObjCClass('EKEventStore').alloc().init()
      calendar = None
      for cal in store.calendars():
        if str(cal.title()) == 'Outline':
          calendar = cal
      EKEventEditViewController = ObjCClass('EKEventEditViewController').new().autorelease()
      EKEventEditViewController.eventStore = store
      event = ObjCClass('EKEvent').eventWithEventStore_(store)
      event.title = 'Todo: text line'
      EKEventEditViewController.event = event
      clview = EKEventEditViewController.view()
      w,h = ui.get_screen_size()
      v.frame = (0,0,w,h)

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  • cvp

    @ihf V01.14 and outline.versions with

    Version V01.14
      - correction of bug "title of popup menu was 'outline for xxx' where xxx
        was not the tapped outline but the text of an eventual copied row, same
        as 'paste xxx...'"

    😂 Just to prove that I

    continue to be interested in enhancing this incredibly useful program

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  • cvp

    @ihf you're welcome. If you use this program so frequently, I can't imagine you don't meet a lot of circumstances where a new functionally could be hoped.

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  • cvp

    @rb said:

    I couldn’t work out how to upload an image here…

    I use

    import pyimgur,photos,clipboard,os,console
    if i:
        format = 'gif' if (i.format == 'GIF') else 'jpg'
        clipboard.set(pyimgur.Imgur("303d632d723a549").upload_image('img.'+format, title="Uploaded-Image").link)
        console.hud_alert("link copied!")

    With pyImgur from here

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