So I figured out the program basement that I want to build I just needed working assets in order to do it

The program is built as follows

When you log in the main face of the Ui will look like this
H: M: S:



User name:
Log in button
When log in button is pressed it time stamps the entrance into the server and starts a running timer as to how long you and the user you are chatting with are in the chat room

Use example below to insert code into proper places

Code goes Between the brackets

template for the programming is as follows

user code is as follows below

copy as template for user B

User A: logged in as username:
User A: logged in with pasword:
User A logged in with password and user name of password and username @(h:m:s)dd/mm/yyyy)
[User A connected with user B @ (h:m:s)(dd/mm/yyyy)

User A&B logged in @(m:h:s)(mm/dd/yyyy)

UserA total time stamp= log in time stamp + msg time stamp= total time online for user A

User B : message time stamp + log in time stamp= total time online for user B

Total time for user A+ total time for user B= total time of users in the chat room

active chat ends depending on time between messages sent

UserA: msg time stamp -userB message time stamp = time Afk or rather x# of hours idle

Boot both users off server if user(A)and user (B) are afk for more than x# of hours Donot delete conversation

If user A and user B are booted for afk save conversation to server and refetch at next login if same users connect

User A log in and user B log in= fetch last conversation
Last conversation = fetch tag
userA last log out time stamp + user B last log out time stamp= total time on server
fetch tag= last total time on line of user A and User B
Fetch tag = git conversation of last total time on server of user a + user B
find() time stamp