• You need to use AVCapturePhotoOutput instead of AVCaptureStillImageOutput to get raw output. There are some other changes needed as well, you will have to read the docs or examples that go along with that class.

  • Thank you! Yes it does work!
    On the 7 Plus I'm able to access all 4 cameras this way. This is what I get and it works perfect:

    "<AVCaptureFigVideoDevice: 0x12db72c40 [Back Camera][com.apple.avfoundation.avcapturedevice.built-in_video:0]>",
    "<AVCaptureFigVideoDevice: 0x12dbeb240 [Front Camera][com.apple.avfoundation.avcapturedevice.built-in_video:1]>",
    "<AVCaptureFigVideoDevice: 0x12dbe1b20 [Back Telephoto Camera][com.apple.avfoundation.avcapturedevice.built-in_video:2]>",
    "<AVCaptureFigVideoDevice: 0x12dbe6bf0 [Back iSight Duo Camera][com.apple.avfoundation.avcapturedevice.built-in_video:3]>"

  • Is the fastest way to get a PIL image to call ui.take_snapshot, store in BytesIO, and open that with PIL? Or is there a more direct way.

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