• 7upser

    I'm missing the Categories for SF Symbols.
    I think there are only Categories in the Mac App.
    I found two older version and a Screenshot for the new Gaming Cat.
    I add some cats for newer Symbols, but didn't finished.
    This is what i have (with Pythonista Symbols and Emojis)


    Names of restricted Symbols are here:
    (also a plist file)

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  • 7upser

    If someone interested in a list of string, here we go

    import plistlib
    import io
    vFilePath = '/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreGlyphs.bundle/symbol_order.plist'
    with open(vFilePath, 'rb') as vFile:
        vFileObject = io.BytesIO(vFile.read())
    vJsonSFSymbols = plistlib.load(vFileObject)
    for vIndex, vJsonSFSymbol in enumerate(vJsonSFSymbols):
        print(str(vIndex).zfill(4), vJsonSFSymbol)

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  • 7upser

    I think all shortcut actions goes through the new compact UI.
    And if your shortcut has no User Input / Output there should be only one message that the shortcut is running.

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  • 7upser

    You can test the ios font and their glyphs with a short script:

    from objc_util import *
    UIFont = ObjCClass('UIFont')
    vObjCAllFontNames = []
    vObjCFontFamilieNames = UIFont.familyNames()
    for vObjCFontFamilieName in vObjCFontFamilieNames:
        vObjCFontNamesWithinFamily = UIFont.fontNamesForFamilyName_(vObjCFontFamilieName)
        vObjCAllFontNames += vObjCFontNamesWithinFamily
    vFontFamilieNames = []
    vAllFontNames = []
    for vTemp in vObjCFontFamilieNames:
    for vTemp in vObjCAllFontNames:
    for vFont in vAllFontNames:
        vConsoleFont = [(vFont, 20), (0, 0, 0)]
        console.set_font(vConsoleFont[0][0], vConsoleFont[0][1])
        console.set_color(vConsoleFont[1][0], vConsoleFont[1][1], vConsoleFont[1][2])
        print(u'\u0048\u0065\u006c\u006c\u006f \u0057\u006f\u0072\u006c\u0064\u003a \u10c5\u10c7\u10cd\u10d0\u000a')
    console.set_color(0.00, 0.00, 0.00)

    Maybe this is a help for you, but i didn't test it.

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  • 7upser

    You can Start a Shortcut with Pythonista:

    import webbrowser
    vUrl = 'shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=testStartWithUrlScheme&input=10'

    Maybe you can split your Shortcut into 2 different Shortcuts.
    This should work, if you use Url Scheme on both sides.
    (it's not really in the Bachground, as cvp mentioned)

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  • 7upser

    This works for me, the script is in This iPad/dir:


    The iCloud Path should be:
    /private/var/mobile/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~omz-software~Pythonista3/Documents

    but i dont use parameter

    Did a test for parameter with url scheme:
    see here: Pythonista Url scheme


    works too

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  • 7upser

    Not iPadOS 14. Nothing is working. 😩
    The only Safari Link i get is:
    second try:

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  • 7upser

    then yes :)

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  • 7upser


    I think it is a Pythonista Problem with iPadOS 13+

    Btw: you have 2 different Browser:
    iPhone: iPhone (with standard mobile Websites)
    iPadOS: Macintosh (with standard desktop Websites)

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