• 7upser

    You can Start a Shortcut with Pythonista:

    import webbrowser
    vUrl = 'shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=testStartWithUrlScheme&input=10'

    Maybe you can split your Shortcut into 2 different Shortcuts.
    This should work, if you use Url Scheme on both sides.
    (it's not really in the Bachground, as cvp mentioned)

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  • 7upser

    This works for me, the script is in This iPad/dir:


    The iCloud Path should be:
    /private/var/mobile/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~omz-software~Pythonista3/Documents

    but i dont use parameter

    Did a test for parameter with url scheme:
    see here: Pythonista Url scheme


    works too

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  • 7upser

    Not iPadOS 14. Nothing is working. 😩
    The only Safari Link i get is:
    second try:

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  • 7upser

    then yes :)

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  • 7upser


    I think it is a Pythonista Problem with iPadOS 13+

    Btw: you have 2 different Browser:
    iPhone: iPhone (with standard mobile Websites)
    iPadOS: Macintosh (with standard desktop Websites)

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  • 7upser

    @mikael, as i write FTL :)

    @Niklas, my Solutions sort on:
    First: 3 digit numbers, leading zeros
    Second: Character

    This are the sort keys (not sorted):


    They have all different Numbers, so charakter dont care.

    You can change the regex to whatever you need.

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  • 7upser

    I had a similar Problem. I need a german sorted List and locale didn't work with Pythonista. So i have to write my own Sort def. That should solve your Problem.
    But @mikael was faster than light

    def myOwnSort(vInput):
        import re
        vInput = dict_nested[vInput]['sv_runinskr_trim']
        vInNr = re.findall('\d+', vInput)
        vInNr = int(vInNr[0]) if len(vInNr) > 0 else 0
        vInNr = '{0:0>3}'.format(vInNr)
        vInChar = re.findall('\D+', vInput)
        vInChar = vInChar[0] if len(vInChar) > 0 else ''
        vNewSortKey = vInNr + vInChar
        return vNewSortKey
    TheOneAndOnlyNewAndPrivateSortedDictionaryWithMyOwnSortKey = sorted(dict_nested, key = myOwnSort)
    for i in TheOneAndOnlyNewAndPrivateSortedDictionaryWithMyOwnSortKey:

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  • 7upser

    Still not working, really?

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  • 7upser

    @mikael: jesus and wtf and a lot more... :)

    I come from Basic (ZX81) and be sure i know nothing about best practice. I have only some experience.
    Changing the same variable within 2 defs at the same section of code is a good error source.

    And for Return, its easy you just return a value (or more).

    def function1():
        variable1 = 'Hallo World'
        return variable1
    def function2(str1):
        return 'Hello ' + str1

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  • 7upser

    Some thoughts from my Side:

    You can iterate your Str keys, no need for keylist.
    In your Function you create a local variable sameletter. You dont change your global Variable.

    Add: global sameletter
    at the start of your functions
    or work with return

    And i dont like the Idea that there are two functions, called directly one after one, and both change the same variable. I think one function is better.

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