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    I've migrated the Pythonista and Editorial community forums to NodeBB, which brings a fresh new look and a lot of very nice features that the old forum was lacking. For example:

    • Get notified when someone replies to your posts or @-mentions you (see the settings in your profile)

    • Mark posts as favorites, flag for moderation, track unread status, etc.

    • Better search

    • You can introduce yourself on the profile page

    • Login via Twitter (optional, for new users)

    • A nicer URL ;)

    • ...and much more.

    If you already have an account in the old forum, here's what you need to know:

    • I've imported all users (and posts), but you need to set a new password. Simply enter the email address you used for the old forum here: → Reset Password

    • The old forum is still online for now, so that links continue to work. In the next couple of days, I will start redirecting the old topic pages to the imported ones in this forum.

    • I'm not sure yet if I'll redirect the RSS feeds as well, you might want to update your feed reader manually in any case (some apps don't support redirection properly).

    If you see anything that looks weird, or if you have any problems with accessing your account, please let me know.

    Unfortunately, spam has been a bit of an issue lately. I don't know yet how well NodeBB will work in that regard, but I've taken some precautionary measures. Signups require solving a reCAPTCHA, and all posts are checked by Akismet – I don't have experience with the latter, but I've heard good things about it.

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