• adrius42

    I have tried searching the manual for a simple action...

    I want to store variables in an array, I found and implemented many ways of doing this
    Creating the array
    Creating the first elements is easy with variablesarray.append(list)

    I can even read them back with variablesarray[x][y]

    But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change an element in the array

    In my old basic world it was very simple variablesarray[x][y]=newvalue

    How can I achieve this simple variable change in Python, what am I missing.

    I am confident it will be something simple... but I have yet to discover it.

    Pointers gratefully received...

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  • adrius42

    And the more I experience them the more, I am impressed by the body of dedicated helpers (hero’s) in this forum. I hesitate to name names as there are many willing tutors/heros.

    I only hope that the continuous drip feed of totally incompetent (really need help...often me!) and blindingly obviously lazy forum users don’t wear the hero’s out.

    Three Rules

    1. Read and re read the Welcome Text
    2. Read the “extensive documentation”
    3. Make extensive use of the Examples

    Only then come to the forum.. for answers

    I recently read another clue, to solving your own problems.
    Start simple, decompose the problem into smaller chunks., and resolve one chunk st a time.

    Starting complex never helps anyone.... so Why oh Why do I always do it!

    Recently I fell foul of my own Rule 1

    Of course @omz would put how to give beta feedback in the Welcome text!

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  • adrius42

    Spotted your pointer to the GitHub humberry UI Tutorial, excitedly skipped over to GitHub
    As I really do want to “get” using pyui’s....
    Aargh! New Brick Walls!

    It may sound simple but how do I get a GitHub resident PYUI file to my iPad.
    You cannot imagine what I have tried so far, including forking the Tutorial!

    Yours incompetently

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  • adrius42

    Well restart fixed it.... for now! Something funky going on....

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  • adrius42

    @omz Having downloaded the beta, the Calculator example now bombs with:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/AA2AD925-136B-48E0-80AA-xxxxxxxxxxx/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pylib/site-packages/ui.py", line 412, in load_view
    return load_view_str(json_str, bindings, stackframe, verbose=verbose)
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/AA2AD925-136B-48E0-80AA-Xxxxxxxxxxx/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pylib/site-packages/ui.py", line 398, in load_view_str
    return _view_from_dict(root_view_dict, g, l, verbose=verbose)
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/AA2AD925-136B-48E0-80AA-xxxxxxxxxxxx/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pylib/site-packages/ui.py", line 379, in _view_from_dict
    subview = _view_from_dict(d, f_globals, f_locals, verbose=verbose)
    File "/var/containers/Bundle/Application/AA2AD925-136B-48E0-80AA-xxxxxxxxxxxx/Pythonista3.app/Frameworks/Py3Kit.framework/pylib/site-packages/ui.py", line 321, in _view_from_dict
    _bind_action(v, attrs.get('action'), f_globals, f_locals, verbose=verbose)
    TypeError: my_bind_action() got an unexpected keyword argument 'verbose'

    (I xxxxxx’d out a part of my iPad I’d, I am that paranoid!)

    I tried copying the calculator.pyui file from my non upgraded iPhone into my iPad in case I had corrupted the pyui file, I got the same error.

    In my own very simple coding activities I have yet to bump into a beta error.

    I posted here as I cannot find instructions on how to report beta problems. sorry...

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  • adrius42

    OMG why did I try a read the manual, I found a part in the manual that showed me that *100 would not work!?

    And yet it all did!


    Btw I wasn’t trying to do a sort that was just a historical side comment, but thanks for the pointer, stored for future reference.


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  • adrius42

    I wish to create a blank array of 100 elements
    Where blank is either Integer 0 or Empty string ‘“” (two different use cases)
    Then I wish to write to specific elements in the array
    Either replacing the elements or adding/appending to them
    Having read and re read the documents

    I have not been able fathom how to accomplish these tasks.
    I recall in Algol that this was a trivial task, it was how I ”cheated” doing a sort task,
    According to my professor in doing a sort. He wanted a bubble sort.
    I simply wrote the numbers into an array where n= array element, and then read them out

    How!? In Python?

    Is a command missing from the documentation?

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  • adrius42

    @JonB have finally sussed the some of the mysteryies of Stash, not least how to run it!
    How would I have discovered the existence of the -la extension to ls without your kind help?
    I have tried ‘man ls’ with no joy...

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  • adrius42

    .... love your blog comments.

    Presumably someone sad thought they were clever writing a python script to Spam this forum.
    Well done you’ve proved you can do it...

    Otherwise I would appreciate if someone else with admin rights wrote a script to expunge these posts.
    I’ll keep flagging them for moderation in the interim.

    @omz ??

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