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    @cvp that‘s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much for your help!
    I‘ll read about it.

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    @cvp thank you for your help!
    Regarding your first message:
    I‘m calling the loc_selection function here to get that print(„Segment A“). I want to replace print with a boolean later on to say „Segment A“ selected = True.
    Thanks for your advice in your second message! Didn‘t think about that.
    Unfortunately I don‘t understand your third message - thats exactly how it‘s set in my UI file.

    What i want to do with my TableView is:
    If Item_A selected -> function_a()
    If Item_B selected -> function_b()
    If Item_C selected -> function_c()
    If Item_D selected -> function_d()
    If Item_E selected -> function_e()
    If Item_F selected -> function_f()

    Currently I‘ve set „list_item_clicked“ as action for my TableView. Thats working so far, but I don‘t know how to differentiate between the rows to call a different function for each of them. Right now my whole TableView is acting like one fat Button with just a single action.

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    I didn‘t programm for a long time now, and just started with Python last week, because I missed programming and wanted to try something new.
    Now after planning my first project, I decided to start with a simple UI, and thought it should be done fairly quick.

    This is what my created UI-file looks like:

    And this is my script:

    import ui
    data1 = ['Item_A', 'Item_B', 'Item_C', 'Item_D']
    data2 = ['Item_E', 'Item_F']
    def button1_pressed(button1):
        print('Button1 pressed.')
    def loc_selection(segmentedcontrol1):
        if button2.selected_index == 0:
            print('Segment A')
            data = data1
            view['tableview1'].data_source.items = data
        elif button2.selected_index == 1:
            print('Segment B')
            data = data2
            view['tableview1'].data_source.items = data
    def list_item_clicked(tableview1):
        print('Item selected.')
    view = ui.load_view('test_01')
    view.name = 'Test 01'
    data = data1
    view['tableview1'].data_source.items = data
    button2 = view['segmentedcontrol1']

    It’s a really simple thing probably, but it really was a challenge for me to get this done so far :D

    My problem now: I want to run a specific function if a list item is selected and I can‘t find a way how to do it.

    I would be really greatful for any help!

    Best regards

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