• bobtiki

    @omz, thanks for all of the hard work on Pythonista. I'm currently using it to work through an edX course (MITx 6001x), which uses 2.7.x for their examples, and it works great!

    I am, however, slowly working towards switching to Python 3.4 as my day-to-day desktop Python version, as well as upgrading my Django site to use Py3. Please count this as another vote to have some sort of Py3 option in the future. I'm really loving using it for the online course, and I'll really miss being able to work on some of my desktop scripts in it.

    My day job is working for a Mac/iOS development company — as the video producer, not a dev, but I do understand a bit of the complexities of this kind of thing on the App Store. I realize it may be a while (and I'm happy to pay again), but just wanted to cheer you on. :) Thanks!

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