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    @dumdum, I am not only new to Pythonista/Python, but to programming all together and am in my late 40's. As already pointed out, Pythonista is not really advertised as a tutorial so much as a scripting environment. That said, I very much appreciate what Pythonista has to offer.
    However; in terms of learning Python, I have found the following website to be the most valuable tool thus far:

    In conjunction with that website, I use Thonny on my laptop as a simple yet very useful IDE to play around in.

    Something to take note of. All of the IDE's I tried seemed to have an issue running different commands (including the one native to Python). The only issue I've come across so far with the Thonny IDE was that it would freeze when running script that used 'exitonclick'.

    I hope this provides a bit of what you're looking for.

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