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    Ah thank you, this could work! As long as it's fast enough to work every frame... I could of course just slow it down.

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    It is possible to record a scene, or a Node and its descendants? I know you can access a Texture object of a Node, but this object appears to be uneditable, and un-transferable to either pixel data or to write to a file.

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    Well, I never figured out how to fix it, but i just replaced the call to rect() with triangle_strip() with the vertices for two triangles to draw a rectangle that way.

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    I'm using the scene module to draw several rectangles on the screen and then using triangle_strip() to draw triangles on top of them. Two of the rectangles in my scene have black lines along the left of them, even though neither my fill nor stroke colors are black.

    Here's my code within the draw(self) method:

        def draw(self):
            background(.3, .66, .9)
            density = 50
            for i in range(density):
                fill(i/float(density), 0, 1)
                start = i/float(density)
                end = (i+.8)/float(density)
                smaller = min(self.terrain_func(start), self.terrain_func(end))
                rect(start*self.bounds.w, 0, (end-start)*game.bounds.w, smaller*self.bounds.h)  
                if self.terrain_func(start) < self.terrain_func(end):
                    v = [(start*self.bounds.w, self.terrain_func(start)*self.bounds.h), (end*self.bounds.w, self.bounds.h*self.terrain_func(start)), (end*self.bounds.w, self.bounds.h*self.terrain_func(end))]
                    v = [(start*self.bounds.w, self.terrain_func(end)*self.bounds.h), (end*self.bounds.w, self.bounds.h*self.terrain_func(end)), (start*self.bounds.w, self.bounds.h*self.terrain_func(start))]

    Anyone know what's going on?

    Oh, and here's an imgur link to screenshots of what's happening.

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