• densi

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of basic question regarding working with ui module.
    I'm trying to make a simple app that has 3 pages. So when you done editing some textfields on one page you click ok button and it takes you to the second page.

    Right now I have two pyui files and I make transition between pages like so:

    def button_tapped(sender):
      if sender.name == 'button1':
     if sender.name == 'button2':

    Is this the right way to do so?

    I want to interact with textfield but it has no action attribute in ui editor, I can't wrap my head around delegates. Can someone please provide me a short example of constructing one. I mean how can I tell my py script to 'listen' to what is happening with my textfield?

    Any help will be appreciated!

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