• DKatz225

    Pretty excited for this. I noticed some of the workflows on your github account the other day and got curious. It all makes sense now.

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  • DKatz225

    I have a script that i've been using on my laptop for stripping out the time stamps in chat logs. I'm wondering how I need to tweak it to use it with Pythonista. Here it is now:


    Read File:

    with open('log.txt', 'r') as logfile:
    list_of_lines = logfile.readlines()

    Remove timestamp:

    list_without_timestamp = [line[21:] for line in list_of_lines]

    Put back together:

    log_string = ''.join(list_without_timestamp)

    Write to new file:

    with open('log_without_timestamp.txt', 'w') as new_logfile:

    My question is, where do i need to put my log.txt file to let Pythonista see it? I tried creating an empty file and pasting in my text and renaming it log.txt but that didn't seem to work.

    If I can't do that can I use <code>clipboard.get()</code> to import the text via the clipboard?

    Any help much appreciated.


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  • DKatz225

    I'm having trouble getting this to work for some reason. I get an 'invalid syntax' error on line 16 where all the header info is. Any idea what could be causing this?

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