• Drizzel

    @cvp thanks a lot, that’s a long piece of code😅

    I don't understand but I never see my profile picture updated...

    So you didn’t realise your profile picture changed?

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  • Drizzel

    Fantastic, thanks @cvp and @mikael
    I kind of miss the dog in your previous profile picture, though 😄

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  • Drizzel

    I have some questions about tableViewCells:

    • when I swipe a tableViewCell to the left, it displays a red delete button. Is it possible to show multiple buttons there?
    • can I see for how long a tableViewCell has been pressed? Like, if I hold down on it for two seconds I get a menu to rename that cell?
    • Is it possible to display a second line of text in a tableViewCell with a different Color and size?

    Thanks a lot :)

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  • Drizzel

    @BontieFernandes I also use Pythonista “recreational fun”, as @mikael puts it :) Mostly small games, and sometimes an ai that plays them.

    The more reasonable stuff:

    • with Shortcuts: app icon that launches my favourite game and sets a reminder for 30min, so that I stop wasting my time
    • learning python in general, especially on the school bus
    • showing me today’s lessons in the iOS widget menu
    • notification if lessons get cancelled or moved
    • push-up counter and push-up max-hold timer
    • music app that downloads songs from YouTube and then plays them (didn’t want to pay for Spotify or some alternative)

    Things I still want to do:

    • app for making flowcharts, they should then be converted automatically to python code (and code to flowchart). Graphvitz (a software for that) is just way too expensive for me.
    • GPS tracker that logs my coordinates when going for a run (and then plot them on a map on a large screen in my room, so that I can see all my routes and times)
    • several games

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  • Drizzel

    @cvp Thanks, I tried it and it is exactly what I wanted. I just got to get used to using placeholders, I barely used them before... :)

    @mikael I’ll definitely look into it when I understand SQL. Although I never feel like really knowing a coding language, because there’s always something new to learn (at least for me). I mean, I’ve been coding in python a lot for 3 years now and still haven’t used placeholders :)

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  • Drizzel

    I recently began learning about SQL in school (for now it’s just about the SELECT command) and realised how incredibly inefficient the data management in my previous python projects is. If I needed to save data and use it again the next time the code runs, I saved it in .txt files and reloaded it later on.

    I want code another iteration of my music player app in Pythonista, with a proper data base. What’s the best way to do this, like from the ground up? Any module suggestions? Preferably, I’d like to be able to use SQL commands, so that the things I learn also apply at school.

    I’m aware that it’s a broad question, I just don’t want to start using a crappy module and then scrap the whole project halfway because a different approach is better. (this just already happened way too often)

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  • Drizzel

    I figured out the issue. Whenever I import an image from my camera roll, it’s ending is in caps (.PNG). Renaming it to .png causes the issue, so I’m just going to not do that :)

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  • Drizzel

    @pulbrich no, it actually functions. The output is the same if I use “import ui” and when I don’t.

    @JonB your suggestion prints the following:

    <_ui.Image object at 0x108fe9e40>

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  • Drizzel

    I‘m having a somewhat similar issue, I can’t even load an image that’s 511 kB in size. I haven’t used the scene module for some time now and my memory is a bit rusty, but the following code should run without an issue, right?
    Here it is:

    from scene import *
    import os
    A = Action
    class MyScene (Scene):
        def setup(self):
            img = 'rectangle_1.png'
            self.background_color = 'white'
            if img in os.listdir(): print('yes')    #prints 'yes' in console
            print(ui.Image.named('IMG_5903.JPG')) #prints None in console
            #a = Texture(img) #Image not found
            a = SpriteNode(img) #could not load texture
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        run(MyScene(), show_fps=False)

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