• Drizzel

    Did you draw them on an iOS device? If yes, which app did you use? I'm rather intrigued because Vectornator (what I'm using) is good, but certainly not perfect.

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    As far as I've understood, you want some design feedback on these graphics, right?
    Did you design these graphics yourself? If not, this might be a bit too detailed, sry

    General feedback

    • all designs are really well recognisable
    • every color scheme is good
    • not a single flaw in the perspectives
    • you repeat that they're icons. If they're going to be shown in a small size, they might be too detailed

    Rune Stone

    • I love the design
    • if you want to minimalise it, get rid of the grey scratches (not the black cracks)

    Common Sword

    • I dunno, but I'd assume that a common sword would neither have a gem inlay nor a fancy hilt and guard (after all it's a golden color)
    • if you want to minimalise it, get rid of the scratches.
    • the dents look awesome

    Short bow

    • What you show here is a long bow, a short bow usually has a recurve in order to deliver greater power (check out recurve bows)
    • the wrapping fits the sword handle, nice touch


    • Amazing looking
    • already quite minimal, since there's no scratches
    • absolutely no more improvement suggestions

    spell book icon

    • looks great
    • maybe a bit to detailed (depends on how large it is when shown in your rpg)
    • maybe add some shadows around the rune stones to add depth, they are weirdly flat right now


    • good color scheme, but I'd darken the wood colors to a walnut color, looks more aged interesting

    mana potion

    • darken the cork, otherwise the design is great
    • no need to minimalise

    health icon

    • too detailed, get rid of the "HP"
    • the ouch and scratches in the top left are a nice touch.
      *maybe replace the patches with the scratches from the top left, and leave the top left empty

    ruby garnets

    • look amazing, perspective is well done

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  • Drizzel

    Thanks a lot @stephen!
    I was worried I’d have to rewrite everything, so I for now decided on a different ui layout that uses as few moving views as possible. I’ll play around a bit and, if I haven’t figured it out by then, get back to you.

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  • Drizzel

    Just as an addition, is it also possible to animate the change?

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  • Drizzel

    How would I go about changing the constraints of a view? In the example code below I’m trying to redefine the constraints of slide_view when the menu button button is pressed, which (obviously) doesn’t work.

    import ui
    from anchor import *
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        class Test_slide(ui.View):
            def __init__(self, **kwargs):
                self.previous_size_class = None
                self.active_constraints = []
            def style(self, view):
                view.background_color = 'white'
                view.border_color = 'black'
                view.border_width = 1
                view.text_color = 'black'
                view.tint_color = 'black'
            def create_ui(self):
                slide_frame = View(name='Slide frame')
                slide_frame.show = True
                main_frame = View(name='Main frame')
                main_frame.at.leading == slide_frame.at.trailing
                def slide(sender):
                    slide_frame.show = not slide_frame.show
                    if slide_frame.show:
                        print('slide in')
                        slide_frame.dock.leading(share = .3)
                        print('slide out')
                menu_button = Button(name = 'menu button', title = 'Menu').dock.fit()
                menu_button.action = slide
        root = Test_slide()
        root.present('fullscreen', hide_title_bar=True, animated=False)

    The code is just an edited version of the example script in the anchor module by @mikael

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  • Drizzel

    @mikael Just a tiny correction, please correct me if I’m wrong. In the multipeer readme it says one should use <pip install multipeer> to install your module, which doesn’t work. You probably meant <pip install pythonista-multipeer>.

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  • Drizzel

    pandas wont work on pythonista. An alternative app would be Pyto

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  • Drizzel

    @mikael I can only agree :)

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