• dwildbore

    I noticed this forum does not follow best security practices for authentication error messages.
    When I logged in I typed my password wrong and I was told my password was incorrect. This confirms my username was correct which is not a good thing to do. Login errors should be generic:


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  • dwildbore

    In case anyone is wondering I got it working:

    from objc_util import *
    import speech
    import time

    AVAudioSession = ObjCClass('AVAudioSession')
    audioSession = AVAudioSession.sharedInstance()

    oldCategory = audioSession.category()

    audioSession.setCategory_error_(ns('AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord'), None)

    speech.say('hello') #like a phone call

    audioSession.setCategory_error_(ns(oldCategory), None)

    speech.say('hello again') # speaker phone

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  • dwildbore

    I should have clarified. I mean like the speaker used during a phone call that you hold up to your ear. Good to know the ear pods work tho, i'm hoping to get a pair! thanks!

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  • dwildbore

    Is there away to use the text to speak so that it outputs to the ear speaker and not the speaker phone?

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