• Eric Finley

    Hey, guys...

    I've been salivating over the Gesture Recognition Toolkit for quite some time now, and (having wandered away from Pythonista since maybe 18 months back) am now actively looking at trying to use it in a project. Seeing the app template for Pythonista makes me even more convinced that 'ista might well be the way to go.

    However, the GRT is only available as C++ code (not objC), and while I'm aware that the two are quite distinct, I don't have a good sense of where those bonudaries lie. (I'm good with Python and C#, but it's been decades since I touched C++.) Could one compile the C++ into a dynamic library for iOS, for example, and then make it one of the files being used by a Pythonista script (possibly using a runtime import or something)?

    Has anyone looked at anything like this? Or is anyone willing to help make it work? Can you imagine what we could accomplish, given a proper N-dimensional machine learning gesture recognition suite in Pythonista?


    • Eric F.

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