• ErickDaGamer

    Wouldn’t it have to raise TypeError instead? This code has the same issue, but doesn’t crash Pythonista:

    def s(a, b, c): return [a, b, c]

    It just raises TypeError.
    Plus, the settrace issue only works in the console. It doesn’t crash Pythonista if it’s in a file.

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  • ErickDaGamer

    By running the following program line by line in the console, you can crash Pythonista:

    import sys
    sys.settrace(lambda: 0)
    def s(): return False

    Edit: It does not crash whenever you save it to a file and run it from there.
    Edit2: I think it crashes the program if you do something after settrace. For example:

    import sys
    def s(): False
    s() # Crashes the program

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