• fraserspeirs

    I'm trying to write a script for the 1.6 app extension that will:

    • Take some text passed in from the share sheet
    • Format the text in a specific way
    • Place the formatted text on the pasteboard
    • Launch Pythonista and run another script that will take the text on the pasteboard and do something with it.

    Here's the script:

    import appex
    import clipboard
    import webbrowser 
    initial_text = appex.get_text()
    # text processing stuff

    Is it possible to launch a pythonista:// URL from the app extension? If not, is it possible to do something with objc_util?

    Worst case, I can make it a two-step process but it would be great to have it in one place.

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  • fraserspeirs

    Thanks. It's not a huge big deal to make it a two-step process. Just glad to know I shouldn't spend any more time on this.

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