• No luck for me on iphone6 or iphone5s.

  • It’s been a while since this thread was created. Have there been any updates in that time? Just being able to read “safe” data like weight and sleep would be very helpful.

  • Yes, clicking top Right Works.

  • yes, sadly you still have to press "ok". but you can use the pythonista:// url scheme to run a script, with arguments.

    I used this for a while to run a script that logged into my library, web scraped the list of upcoming renewals, then renewed all books that were due within 3 days, then set a new notification based on the next books due (which launched the renew script).

  • @Phuket2 you can create your own action menu item which does what you say. I have an action menu to run a script in the same interpreter ( without clearing globals) because i find that easier for debugging. You could add some lines before/after the execfile.

    # execute script in editor, in current interpreter session without clearing globals import editor,os file=editor.get_path() os.chdir(os.path.dirname(file)) execfile(file)
  • import pdb; pdb.pm()

    does work, though of course exceptions in threads are not catchable like this. i also use pdb.settrace in my code where i want to trigger the debugger.

    an idea i have had, but never worked on seriously, would be to subclass Pdb/Bdb to incorporate more of a visual debugger. for instance keeping the editor line in sync with the current debug line, watchlists, etc. I played around a little using codemirror inside a webview which allows things like setting of breakpoints, line highlighting, etc.

  • ahhh, thats because i have a faked _os_x_support.py. as a workaround, place the following somewhere on the path, like in site-packages:

    def get_platform_osx(cvar,osname,release,machine): return osname,release,machine
  • I had a look ar the PyNewInterpreter API. It might be a way to create threads that have a little bit more privacy than the current ones. It appears that I cannot use the API via ctypes (because that would mean that in interpreter thread needs to manipulate itself). But I think that some Pythonista-provided functionality would be possible.

    Please consider this for a future release (or convince Apple to allow sub-processes in iOS - whichever is easier for you ;-) )


  • Apple Watch has much more processing power than Apollo 11.

  • Yes, i did install serpent. In this case, pip does the trick. I guess there is something special about the way that Pyro4 is packaged that is not handled properly by the Stash version of pip.


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