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    I really wanted to mention this book I am trying to read at the moment. "Mastering Object - oriented Python". I got it as a kindle download for my ipad. It's for Python 3.xx something. For me it's heavy reading, I am sure for others not so heavy. I am just getting to the end of chapter 4. But it has brought quite a few things into perspective for me already. But what I have got out of it up to now is some idea how Python is working under the hood so to speak. I don't get it all, but some things are starting to make a lot more sense than before. I have zero affiliation with this book, and maybe there are better books around. Just saying a read through similar text as this book has is quite invaluable in my view. I am coming from a beginners point of view, which I still am. But like all beginners, I often bite off more than I can chew 😱 Is a way to learn!!
    Anyway, just a suggestion for further insight,....

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