• hvd

    Wow this is amazing. I am actually an iOS dev and would really love to actually write iOS specific code on iOS. I just hope Apple lets this through.

    BTW is this a public beta? And if so, do you have any invites left?

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  • hvd

    I don't have an iOS 7 device to test, but the split keyboard feels much faster/convenient to me as I have smallish hands. It's not a terribly important feature to have though.

    That script too crashes if I run it with args from within the app by holding the Run button. But it works fine if I do it using the URL scheme as JonB suggested.

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  • hvd


    I've been using Pythonista for about a month now, but I just cannot run my scripts with arguments. The app immediately crashes if I do so. I have tried this with both 'Hello World' scripts and those that actually parse the arguments.

    I am on iPad Air 2 with iOS 8.1.2. There is ample of free space (> 30 GB).

    Here is the crash log (picked up from Diagnostics and Usage in iOS Settings):


    The other issue is the keyboard. It behaves in a really weird way when you split it and the extra keys added by Pythonista are not usable at all. Here are a bunch of screenshots:


    In one of the screenshots you can see that the extra keys are aligned properly. But you cannot actually tap them. If you do, the click actually gets registered on the editor and it shows you the copy paste menu.

    I really like this app and appreciate the hard work that has gone into creating it. But due to these issues I cannot yet integrate it properly in my workflow. I hope these get fixed quickly.

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