• Sorry for the typos and things...I didn't really test what I posted, just copy pasted stuff from my own project and test code, and modified it to remove extra utilities and things that I wrote which are in other modules.

    Thanks to those who fixed those issues, glad it's working.

    The ViewHierarchy thing is a utility class I have which holds a bunch of tricks and things for helping with navigating the views in my projects. The actual definition of getUIViewController is:

    def getUIViewController(cls, view): import objc_util UIViewController = objc_util.ObjCClass('UIViewController') UIView = objc_util.ObjCClass('UIView') if isinstance(view,ui.View): viewobj = view.objc_instance elif isinstance(view,objc_util.ObjCInstance) and \ view.isKindOfClass_(UIView): viewobj = view elif isinstance(view,objc_util.ObjCInstance) and \ view.isKindOfClass_(UIViewController): viewobj = view viewResponder = viewobj.nextResponder() try: while not viewResponder.isKindOfClass_(UIViewController): viewResponder = viewResponder.nextResponder() except AttributeError: return None return viewResponder

    which crawls the responder chain to find the view controller living above the one controlling the passed-in view, or the view controller if one was given. Anyway...looking at what @stephen posted...I think I should actually just be doing that instead.

  • i’m really loving the ios 13 and pythonista betas, despite the bugs, it’s made my life a lot easier as i do a lot of text processing so the new text gestures in ios 13 and using regex scripts in pythonista keyboard are amazing! ymmv but here’s an example video of my setup: (select 720p if you need detail)

  • I like telegrame. Joined.

  • @ihf The same as for sound.play_effect, so things like 'arcade:Coin_5'. You can show a list of these sound effects by tapping the + button in the bottom-right corner (while editing).

    For custom sound effects, I'd recommend a m4a file, and you'd just pass the filename. It should not be longer than 30 seconds though.

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