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    @cvp said:

    13 only, see example


    :( a little disappointing for me - I realised afterwards a description I should have added, was that I was hoping it worked like when you create a reminder from safari using share-sheet.

    One more reason I need to upgrade my phone :)

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  • jaredchurch

    I see in latest release a new attribute of Reminder called url. I expected that this would allow me to add a url to a reminder so that it appears attached to the reminder.

    However, I set the attribute and save the reminder, but I cannot see the value in the reminders app, or when an alarm comes on the reminder. The only place I seem to be able to see the reminder is in Pythonista itself.

    Have I misunderstood the functionality, is this just an attribute available in pythonista and cannot use it anywhere else? I cannot see to find any more information than on here:

    My script to create the reminder is very simple:
    import reminders
    r.title='Reminder with URL'

    I am using iOS version 12.4.5

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