• jmv38

    @cvp you are correct. My pb was pbly sthg else.

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  • jmv38

    @cvp just to let you know here is my code.
    It wont run because the rest of the code is missing, but it gives you the idea

    def save(self):
        # make a hi resolution copy of back & images, then save it in camera roll
        xo, yo, w, h = self.page.back.frame
        c = self.page.back.background_color
        targetWidth = 4*1024
        s = targetWidth / w
        w, h = w*s, h*s
        page = ui.View( frame=(0,0,w,h), background_color=c)
        views = []
        for thumb in self.thumbs:
          x,y,w,h = thumb.frame
          x,y,w,h = (x-xo)*s, (y-yo)*s, w*s, h*s
          v = ui.View( frame=(x,y,w,h) )
          x,y,w,h = thumb.iv.frame
          x,y,w,h = x*s, y*s, w*s, h*s
          img = thumb.getImage(thumb.asset)
          iv = ui.ImageView(frame=(x,y,w,h), image=img)
        # save page image in pythonista
        #if True: return
        path = 'temp.jpg'
        with ui.ImageContext(page.width, page.height) as ctx:
          ui_image = ctx.get_image()
        pil = Image.open(io.BytesIO(ui_image.to_png()))
        pil.save(path , quality=99)
        # save page image in albums
        asset = photos.create_image_asset(path)
        views = False

    looks like i must add the view to the screen to get the draw snapshot to work.

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  • jmv38

    @cvp i do have 2 pixels per point (ipad air)
    i dont crash, it is just that the image saved is black
    i checked that 4x1024 is ok and 4x1025 fails
    i remember this ios limit 4096 from somwhere.

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  • jmv38

    @cvp 5000 doesnt work for me and 5000<7000

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  • jmv38

    @cvp i had forgotten that 4000 is really 8000 because x2
    i think 8000 should be enough for prints 60 cm wide => thanks. you saved my last week of coding!

    However it is strange that 15000 is ok bu not 9000...?

    Concerning the use of the project without any album, i could modify this for you if you are really interested in using this code. Are you?


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  • jmv38

    @cvp thank for the info
    i check again

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  • jmv38

    @cvp hello again!

    I am trying to make a high definition image with draw_snapshot()
    I works fine until the context width is 4000, but i get a black image when the context width is 5000 or more. I need 9000....
    Any suggestion?

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  • jmv38

    @cvp actually it does work on the regular version.
    Not sure why i didnt see that before.

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  • jmv38

    @cvp thank you!
    when you say:

    Altough last version of Pythonista offers an easy way to add an home screen shortcut for an edited script

    do you mean the first link above?

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  • jmv38

    @shinyformica hello!
    how do you make a homescreen shortcut to a pythonista script?

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