• Koopa

    I noticed from updating my iPad to the lastest version that the extended keyboard buttons have become slightly smaller

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  • Koopa

    Im not too familiar with threading but I thought I shoud use it for a physics test program I made with scene

    Is it a good idead to start a new thread like this every time or should I do this a different way?

    (This basically checks to see if the circles collide with each other and changes color if it happens; and this is only a portion of the program)

    def update(self):
            for circle in self.circles:
                _thread.start_new_thread(self.check_collision, (circle, ))
        def check_collision(self, circle):
            for other in self.circles:
                if circle != other:
                    dx = circle.position.x - other.position.x
                    dy = circle.position.y - other.position.y
                    if math.hypot(dx, dy) < (circle.radius + other.radius):
                        circle.color = COLLIDE_COLOR
                        circle.color = CIRCLE_COLOR

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