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  • Sending email directly with Python/Pythonista would require that you also keep the SMTP server account information within Pythonista. You can keep the password in the keychain, but it will still be only within Pythonista.

    If you just want to mail a single file to somebody from within Pythonista, use console.open_in() and open it in the mail app. You would have to enter the recipient and mail subject/text in the mail app, though.

    For Python scripts you can do the "Open in..." manually via the "Export..." entry in the actions menu. For other file types, you can use the FileNavigator script. I have this always in my action menu. To export any file, I run it from the action menu, navigate to the file, tap the info button and then choose "Open in External App" from the "Actions" section of the file details dialog and open it in the mail app or dropbox.

    Update: Sorry, should have verified what I was telling. Actually, "Open in External App..." doesn't give you the mail app as a choice, but if you open a file with Quickview and then tap the "Open in..." button, you get the mail app as an option.

  • Like this:

    ```python print 'hello world' ```

    ...which is turned into:

    print 'hello world'

    (Note that there has to be a blank line before the code block.)

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