• margusch

    @cvp Thank you very much for your help!

    I will try FileBrowser Pro and PhotoSync and if they are working fine I will go with one of that.

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  • margusch

    @cvp said:

    @margusch your script needs only to store in a local file the highest date-time of the photos that you send to your NAS and only send newer photos.

    Édit: personally, I keep a thumb copy of the photo, with the same file name, after having sent to the NAS, so I know which ones is already backuped. Obviously, this works if you don't have millions of photos.

    Thats a good idea!
    Would you mind sharing your code with me?

    I am thinking if buying the app "PhotoSync" wouldn't just do the job..

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  • margusch

    Hi guys!

    Before I buy pythonista I'd like to ask if there is any possibility to build a application which gets triggered via shortcuts daily and 'robocopys'/mirrors my photos to a certain folder on my NAS.

    I know that you can connect via smbclient() and retrieve the last "x" photos. But is it possible to copy the delta to the NAS? I do not want to check every photo everytime if it already exists on the NAS by hand.

    Thank you very much!

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