• Max.Shih

    I am also having the same problem as @jovica's.
    I have tested on .raw, .wav, and .pcm files.
    The files are me saying some valid sample utterance of my bot.
    While the Lex console recognize what I am saying every time(so I think the issue is that my pronunciation.), the response from boto3 post_content, seems it doesn't know what I was saying.
    (The wav file is me saying "go to the kitchen", however, the 'inputTranscript' returned is 'a a allen')
    Can someone tell me what I've done wrong? Thanks.
    Mine code is the following.

    import boto3
    client = boto3.client('lex-runtime')

    f = open(WAVE_OUTPUT_FILENAME, 'rb')
    lex_response = client.post_content(
    botName = 'ProtoBot',
    botAlias = 'ProtoBotFeb',
    userId = "12345678910",
    inputStream = f,
    accept='text/plain; charset=utf-8',
    contentType="audio/l16; rate=16000; channels=1"
    print lex_response

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