• nicktimebreak

    Finally I found it is a bug, the function work well in python 2. And a workaround for this bug is add #!python2 before console.quicklook()

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  • nicktimebreak

    I am learning python with Pythonista.
    Recently I am writing a script to download images from a website.
    Now I can get the images and I want to preview all the images.
    The documents says It is possible to pass a sequence of paths (e.g. a list), in order to preview multiple files at once.
    It is working well when I pass one image filepath to quicklook() like this:


    But when I pass a squence of image files to quicklook() like this:

    console.quicklook([img1_path, img2_path])

    Pythonista crashes and returns to home screen.
    Is there any misunderstanding in using the function here?

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  • nicktimebreak

    @omz I've just downloaded Pythonista 3 in App Store. But I can't find Pythonista in my Notification Center. There is no button to enable it. My device is iPhone 6 with iOS 9.0.2.

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