• Richard

    Thanks for the brilliant Pythonista 2.0, the appex and dialogs module are awesome.
    After playing with them for a while, I found returning from some APP may cause Pythonista crash. Bellow is the code:

    # coding: utf-8
    import ui
    import dialogs
    def button_action(sender):
    v = ui.View(frame=(0,0,200,400))
    btn = ui.Button(title='button')
    btn.action = button_action
    btn.center = v.center
    if ui.get_screen_size()[1] >= 768:
        # iPad
        # iPhone
        v.present(style='full_screen', hide_title_bar=False, orientations=['portrait'])

    In the sharing dialog, choose an APP named "youdao dictionary"(An English-Chinese dictionary). The APP will show the dictionary item. Stay for a few seconds and click the OK button to return. Now Pythonista crashes.
    I just tested 2 APPs, OALD and youdao dictionary. OALD is OK.

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  • Richard

    @omz Thanks for the information. That should be the cause.

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  • Richard

    @ccc Thanks. I tried the code on my friend's IOS9.2 IPhone, it also worked.
    Tried to uninstall Pythonista and reinstall, with no luck. I even reseted my phone's settings, still with no luck.
    Notice there is change on URL scheme on IOS9:Querying URL Schemes With canOpenURL.
    With bellow code:

    import webbrowser
    print webbrowser.can_open('pythonista://')

    I got False result to any known URLs. Seems the result matches with that been told in the link.
    I remember I used a loop to check 'com.slovoed.api.%d' % i URL some time ago. This may cause False result of webbrowser.can_open(), but it should not cause webbrowser.open() fail.

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  • Richard

    @ccc May I have your Pythonista version, IOS version and device type? Thanks

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  • Richard

    When I am running below code under IOS 9.2, I can't make quora run:
    import webbrowser

    I tried 'quora://' in Launcher, it worked. So the URL should be right.
    I remembered long ago(maybe IOS 8.x, not sure) the URL scheme worked.
    I'm using Pythonista 1.5 on iPhone 6S.
    Will anybody help? Thanks

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