• richexperiences

    Hello - brand new to Python. I’m trying to test the Tweet.py example. I’ve add my twitter handle but still get an error. This script doen’t need any active twitter account on my iOS device setup does it? I mean, I do have one, but it shouldn’t matter, right?

    # coding: utf-8
    import twitter
    def main():
        accounts = twitter.get_all_accounts()
        if not accounts:
            print('No Twitter accounts were found. You can configure Twitter accounts in the settings app. If you have denied access to your accounts when prompted, you can also change your mind there.')
        account = accounts[0]
        username = account['richexperiences']
        print('Loading recent tweets in %s\'s timeline...' % (username,))
        tweets = twitter.get_home_timeline(account)
        for tweet in tweets:
            print('%s:\n\n%s' % (tweet['user']['screen_name'], tweet['text']))
            print('-' * 40)
    if __name__ == '__main__':

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