Basically all modules listed here are not available outside of Pythonista. There's no repository, source code, package in PyPI, ... It has no sense, because they're Pythonista specific. If you'd like to run your script on Mac, you have to provide your own sound module with functions you do use in Pythonista.

I was thinking about new project providing compatibility layer for Mac, because I was tired of patching, mocking, ... (Sphinx, Travis CI, ...) But then I realized that almost all build / CI / ... servers I do use are running GNU/Linux. One layer for Mac, another one for GNU/Linux, ... Decided not to do it, it's not worth it.

You should check PyObjC If you'd like to leverage existing macOS frameworks, which gives you bidirectional bridge between Python and ObjC world. If you'd like to just play sound, it can be as simple as calling afplay /path/to/your/sound/file from the Python.