• siulman

    Hello guys,

    I modifyed the “shcommon.py” according to the @JonB suggestions and it worked.

    I was also able to “pip install netmiko” and connect to my switches to execute the commands I wanted to. I am really happy now! Thanks!

    Here below snapshots.

    I think this should be taken into account for a new release of the app?

    Thank you very much for your help @JonB as long as @dgelessus


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  • siulman

    Appreciated guys...
    @dgelessus here is the output you requested:


    @JonB Any workaroung you come up with to make that work?

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  • siulman

    Hi @JonB ,
    I appreciate your help and I hope we will find the solution soon as I can’t wait to develop some stuff in Pythonista...

    Here is the Info that I thought I already said:

    • Ipad 10.5
    • IOS 11.1
    • Pythonista 3.0 version

    I reinstalled Pythonista and then first thing I did is to download “stash”, then I ran “launch_stash.py” with version python 2.7 but still....same error.

    I also tryed to run what you asked, here is the output:


    I tried to change what you suggested in “shcommon.py” but it didn’t fix anything:


    Thank you

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  • siulman

    When running with Python 2.7, the error message is slight different. Here below:


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  • siulman

    Hello @ccc , thans for your response.

    Pythonista 3 is able to run the scripts either with « python 2 » or « python 3 », I tried both with the same result. I tryed to remove « stash » and reinstall it », « force quit » pythonista, etc... but no success.

    What do you mean by copying the first line of the first script and pasting on the second one? Could you be more precise on what I need to do please? (What exactly to copy, where exactly to paste...)

    I don’t really know what to do...and without pip pythonista 3 is useless for me...


    Here below a screenshot with the result of the of Traceback button...maybe it helps...


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  • siulman

    Hello guys,

    I have an ipad pro 10.5 with IOS 11.1 and just downloaded pythonista 3. I want to import some libraries as netmiko with “pip install netmiko”. It appears the best way is with “stash”. So I imported stash with the script:
    import requests as r; exec(r.get('http://bit.ly/get-stash').text)

    However, when I try to launch “launch_stach.py” from my home directory I get an error on line 28 “from stash import stash” that says “not well-formed (invalid token). Please, check snapshot attached.

    If I try to go to “site-packages” —> “stash” and then execute “stash.py” I get an error “No module named “configParser”.


    Of course, I tryed to restart pythonista 3 but it didn’t fix the issue.

    Could someone please help?

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