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    Apologies for the off topic tangent, but I wanted to offer some encouragement.

    I spent the past two weeks trying to find a simple way to handle complete image metadata read/write in Pure Python so I could run it on my iPad. ExifTool unfortunately is anchored to Perl (at least for someone with my level of understanding). Two days ago, I was searching on Pip when Exif v1.0 appeared. Literally released before my very eyes. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.

    I think that there are a lot more people entering this Particular programming niche right now, myself included. My old desktop gaming rig is laughably out of date, my laptops are even older, and my old Wacom tablet was just not sensitive enough let alone wireless. So I got an iPad mini 5th gen with a nice big 256GB of local storage. Cue the 6 weeks worth of updates, patches, failed syncs, transfers, duplications, uninstalls, reinstalls, and assorted BS to get my music in my music app, my photos in my photos app, and Adobe creative cloud loaded up with my files.

    Naturally, I became more serious about learning to code during this time. I just started teaching myself Python less than two weeks ago looking for a way to centralize my ~15 years of artwork and photography into something I can bring to market.

    If I learned anything from my father being a programmer for my entire life, it’s that code has to be approached as a puzzle to solve. Keep studying the pieces and testing how they fit, you’ll get there in time. Two weeks into learning Python and while I haven’t written more than a dozen lines of Python script, I’ve been able to pore over documentation and other people’s code to learn what’s possible, identify and install packages for my project, build up my codebase, and register for .api keys as needed.

    It’s an easy-ish language to understand, but the limitations of running on iOS are an unfortunate stumbling block. Keep trying, but also remember there’s more help on the way in the form of new Pythonistas.

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