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    The app is magnificent as it is, but I believe it could be improved further if there was a website that one could access which would be seamlessly synchronized with the phone app. For example, one could start a program on the phone and when it became too large to manage on a small screen, open a web browser on a laptop, log in to the website, and have immediate ability to edit that program (and any others synchronized from the phone.) When picking up the phone again, the program will have been synchronized and can be immediately tested.

    I would not recommend trying to add the ability to run programs directly on the website because the variety of user interfaces would mean that many programs would not "just work" the way users expect.

    Such an undertaking would be much more than adding a "feature" to the existing app and would require a significant amount of "cloud" server storage space. I would expect that such access would be a premium capability which would be available on a subscription basis, but could therefore serve as an additional revenue source.

    For me, having the ability to seamlessly add, delete, re-name, re-arrange, and most importantly edit files from a website (but not run them except on the ios device) would be worth, perhaps on the order of about $5/month.

    If others have already suggested this, then: "+1"

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