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    @oefe, you are truly amazing, my friend! Big ups to both you and @Jon B!

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    @Jon B, yeah that's what I kinda figured. I was able to run across @briarfox's python_run.py which is exactly what I needed. I appreciate all the help.

    For anyone in the future who may be running into similar issues, this method has worked for me:

    1. Search for and download modules using pipista:
    1. Unzip/untar with StaSh:

      • Locate directory of zip file (default location is ~\Documents)
        • Change directories with the following commands:
        • cd directory_name
          • examples (don't type the $ symbol):
          • $ cd \downloads
          • $ cd "\Zip Files" (for directory names with two words separated by a space)
        • Go back one directory:
          • $ cd ..
        • Go back to parent directory:
          • $ cd
      • Extract files with the following commands:
        • .zip files:
          • $ unzip module_name.zip
        • .gz files:
          • $ ungzip module_name.gz
        • .tar files:
          • $ untar module_name.tar
      StaSh - https://omz-forums.appspot.com/pythonista/post/5894157600030720
    2. Read the tutorial linked below to learn how to install via StaSh:

    3. Done.

    Hope this helps. If anyone has a better method, please feel free to comment below. It literally took me two days to figure that shit out. Hopefully this will save somebody some time in the future.

    Holla from the past.

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  • TheWizza

    @Dormane I think you should be fine. I'm new to Python, but I've got 17 years of web development under my belt. If the script translates the way I think it does, you shouldn't have any difficulties adding JavaScript into your HTML document.

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    @Jon B, thanks for all the help. Trust me, I would love to use StaSh, but unfortunately I'm not too familiar with shell languages. I'm pretty much coming from a self-taught web developer background, and Python is actually the first official high-level language I've tried to pick up outside of HTML/CSS/JavaScript. In fact, this is day two of my Python journey. Not having much luck either. I can't even figure out how to run scripts from the Pythonista command line lol. It may take a few days, but I'm sure I'll get it figured out!

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    I've kinda got the feeling we won't be hearing from @Kenbo01 anytime soon. If anyone would like to try help us noobians figure out the stub out process, you can find stubout.py at https://code.google.com/p/pymox/source/browse/trunk/stubout.py?r=49. I've been running into the same error message as @Proxy when trying to run larger modules' setup files. Thus far, I've been able to avoid this whole process with smaller modules such as pyperclip by moving them to the site packages directory, but it seems like the whole setup process is unavoidable when trying to access larger modules such as muntjac and Kivy. Any help on is subject would be greatly appreciated!

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    @Kenbo01 Way to leave us hangin'... It's all good, I'll check back in another year-and-a-half.

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