• timmymathew

    Alternate solution without using API's
    I was also looking for something similar and thought it shouldn't be that difficult or time taking. That's when I came across "Shortcuts" app which I use for lot of other workflows.

    I managed to get it done with 2 simple steps which is already available in iPad or iOs :

    1. Create a shortcut app
    2. From Pythonista on the right corner top click on share and select "Shortcuts" and your created shortcut.

    ( File is now received in your dropbox )

    To create workflow in Shortcuts
    a. Search for "Get Text from Input" and drag the same to your workflow.
    b. Search for "Save File" and select "Service" as "Dropbox" (Note : You'll be asked to login to your dropbox once)

    That's it. Worked for me like charm.
    iPad version : 12.4

    P.S. This is only for those lookng for just syncing the files to dropbox from Phythonista not caring about using dropbox apis.

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