• ttobias

    @omz Would it be possible to add some basic Apple Watch support because Apple removed the Shortcuts app on the watch so there's currently no easy way to do some basic programmable stuff on the watch without Siri interaction, at least that I am aware off.

    For example I have a shortcut which gets a json via a secret https url and formats the output nicely or another one which triggers same IoT actions.

    It would be nice to do this with Pythonista.

    General question: Does the TestFlight Beta override the installed app or is this separated?

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  • ttobias

    I don't know if it has already been mentioned somewhere but it would be nice if the app shows that it's running a script via url "api".
    If the app starts up and is not returning from a suspended state it just shows the initial screen and I am not sure if the script is running
    The small indicator with the script name would be nice for the first start up

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