• @Webmaster4o I'll try that website but I already posted the other lines too

  • @VIC3

    I think I'm still a little confused. But let's see if this is right:

    You start your script You type in a path (path) The UI comes up You want browser to show a file browser view using your path *(quick way would be a tableview) *

    If that's the case you first need to construct your data differently. You will need either a list or a dictionary to use for a tableview data source. Have you made a tableview before?

    Did you try os.listdir like @dglessus mentioned?


    #os.listdir takes a path argument my_file_list = os.listdir('../Documents')

    Also: You could get path input from a console.input_alert() (a popup) rather than typing it into the console.

  • It's fine. I didn't want to post my script on Twitter when a similar app had just been removed from the App Store because I was worried it might create a little too much attention for Pythonista, but most people have probably moved on since...

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