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    I noticed that the pip command allows you to list all modules installed using this command and specially allows you to update individual modules! This is very useful! So I cleaned up my environment in Pythonista and now I'm handling everything with StaSh.

    I was able to run many libraries in Pythonista without having to change them much, I tried only to override the functions. So now I'm creating StaSh scripts for running CLI program written in Python: in practice the first time they are run if the modules they needs are not installed they install these modules (as the command git) and apply monkey patches.

    For those who have just installed Pythonista and want to install StaSh I created a simplified installation creating a shortened url for getstash.py.

    To install StaSh just copy the following line in the Pythonista console:

    import requests; exec requests.get('http://bit.ly/StaSh').text

    Congratulations to all for this fantastic tool!

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