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    I'm pretty new to python, and use the the pythonista app on my ipad to get some hands-on practice with it. I want to put something together in pythonista that converts a string of text into my handwriting by searching for each character and essentially replacing it with an image of that character in my handwriting, resulting in an image of the text string in my handwriting. I have a few ideas, but given that my python knowledge is pretty limited, it's difficult to know where to start.

    I imagine it might work something like this -- I type up an entry (this is for a personal daily journal) in Drafts or Editorial, submit the text to Pythonista which then searches the text as a string and replaces each character with an image kept in a particular location on my device (dropbox folder? iOS photos album?), maybe does some basic formatting, and returns an image depicting what would appear to be a handwritten paragraph.

    I understand it's a bit ambitious, but I don't expect to have anything done for me, I just want to know if this is even possible with some combination of LCP, Pythonista, and Drafts/Editorial and if so, if I'm headed in the right direction.


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    Wow awesome stuff, everybody. I didn't realize this forum would be so responsive, this is great :)

    What I described in my post was kind of the baseline of what I wanted to create, but I will definitely be finding a way to introduce a more natural variation into the way the characters are represented once I actually am able to accomplish the image replacement. I neglected to mention for the sake of brevity that I wanted the result to be an image (not text) so that it would be essentially static or permanent in the sense that it would be essentially un-editable after the fact. To introduce variation, I had in my head almost exactly what JonB described, which is to have a whole set of images (preferrably having previously been produced as vectors, allowing them to be superimposed over any background) corresponding to each character, and have Pythonista randomly select one of them to be lined up with the previous letter image. This is where I wanted to implement something like what wradcliffe mentioned, where I could regularly be prompted to write a particular character or set of characters on the screen, so that as my handwriting changes over time, each 'outdated' image will cycled out.

    Wradcliffe, you also mentioned replacing whole words, and that sounds really cool. In fact, I'm trying to develop a better cursive script, and something like that would allow me to convert into cursive handwriting without having to design another Zapfino-like font, althought that sounds awesome too. I wouldn't have to record an entire webster's dictionary worth of words either, I could just design the program to prompt me to write out a word when it doesn't recognize it from my typed entry.

    The answer to this question may be in this thread already, but if it is, I must have missed it. TutorialDoctor addressed this same concern actually: would I tell Pythonista to retrieve the letter images from an iOS photo album? If so, how? I couldn't find a module with an action that allows any image to be pulled from anywhere other than the camera roll, and I don't really want my character images floating around in there. If not, from where else?

    Thanks so much for your help! I'm excited to get to work on this.

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