• Try, this script, then

    tap on the button, then on the syringe you will receive a viewfinder (no way to get it in the print screen ) that you move on one of your squares, tap ok, the real rgb will appear, surprise, no one is #00FF00 # coding: utf-8 from objc_util import * import ui def colorPickerViewControllerDidFinish_(_self, _cmd, _controller): #print('colorPickerViewControllerDidFinish') UIColorPickerViewController = ObjCInstance(_controller) def colorPickerViewControllerDidSelectColor_(_self, _cmd, _controller): #print('colorPickerViewControllerDidSelectColor') UIColorPickerViewController = ObjCInstance(_controller) cl = UIColorPickerViewController.selectedColor() rgb = (cl.red(),cl.green(),cl.blue()) coloredButtonItem(UIColorPickerViewController.buttonItem, rgb) methods = [colorPickerViewControllerDidFinish_, colorPickerViewControllerDidSelectColor_] protocols = ['UIColorPickerViewControllerDelegate'] try: MyUIColorPickerViewControllerDelegate = ObjCClass('MyUIColorPickerViewControllerDelegate') except Exception as e: MyUIColorPickerViewControllerDelegate = create_objc_class('MyUIColorPickerViewControllerDelegate', methods=methods, protocols=protocols) def coloredButtonItem(btn,rgb): import ui if rgb: with ui.ImageContext(32,32) as ctx: path = ui.Path.rect(0,0,32,32) ui.set_color(rgb) path.fill() btn.image = ctx.get_image().with_rendering_mode(ui.RENDERING_MODE_ORIGINAL) def UIColorPickerViewController(w, h, alpha_slider=True, title='', rgb=None, popover=None): v = ui.View() v.name = title v.rgb = rgb vc = ObjCInstance(v) colorpicker = ObjCClass('UIColorPickerViewController').new().autorelease() #print(dir(colorpicker)) delegate = MyUIColorPickerViewControllerDelegate.alloc().init() colorpicker.delegate = delegate colorpicker.setSupportsAlpha_(alpha_slider) if rgb: color = ObjCClass('UIColor').colorWithRed_green_blue_alpha_(rgb[0], rgb[1], rgb[2], 1.0) colorpicker.setSelectedColor_(color) clview = colorpicker.view() v.frame = (0,0,w,h) vc.addSubview_(clview) done_button = ui.ButtonItem(title='ok') def tapped(sender): cl = colorpicker.selectedColor() v.rgb = (cl.red(),cl.green(),cl.blue()) v.close() done_button.action = tapped color_button = ui.ButtonItem() coloredButtonItem(color_button,rgb) v.right_button_items = [done_button,color_button] colorpicker.buttonItem = color_button if popover: x,y = popover v.present('popover', popover_location=(x,y)) else: v.present('sheet') v.wait_modal() return v.rgb def rgb_to_hex(rgb): r,g,b = rgb r = int(255*r) g = int(255*g) b = int(255*b) return f'#{r:02x}{g:02x}{b:02x}' class Colors (ui.View): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): return super().__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) def draw(self): neon = ui.Path.rect(5, 5, 100, 100) ui.set_color((0, 2, 0)) neon.fill() normal = ui.Path.rect(110, 5, 100, 100) ui.set_color(("#00ff00")) normal.fill() # Protect against import if __name__ == '__main__': example = Colors(bg_color="white") lbl = ui.Label(frame=(5,120,200,32)) lbl.alignment = ui.ALIGN_CENTER example.add_subview(lbl) b1 = ui.ButtonItem() b1.title = '💉' def b1_action(sender): # compute x,y of an ui.ButtonItem vi = ObjCInstance(sender).view() r = vi.convertRect_toView_(vi.bounds(),ObjCInstance(example)) # x,y in screen coordinates, not in view x,y,w,h = r.origin.x,r.origin.y,r.size.width,r.size.height x,y = x+w/2, y+h w,h = 200,50 rgb = UIColorPickerViewController(w,h, alpha_slider=False, popover=(x,y)) if rgb: lbl.text = rgb_to_hex(rgb) b1.action = b1_action example.right_button_items =(b1,) example.present('fullscreen')

  • @cvp yes, that line isn't needed, I just copy-pasta'd this from a chunk of larger code...looks like I forgot to define "pos" too, which is a little complicated: it isn't simply a point in the parent coordinate system. It's a point in reference to the top-left corner of the top view in the view hierarchy which is presenting it.

    I asked about getting that location a while ago, and got some good replies, so the little utility function to get that point is:

    def popoverPoint(pos, sourceView): import objc_util srcobjc = sourceView.objc_instance topobjc = None parent = srcobjc.superview() while parent is not None: topobjc = parent parent = parent.superview() p = srcobjc.convertPoint_toView_(objc_util.CGPoint(*pos), topobjc) return (p.x,p.y)
  • @enceladus thanks, I knew I'd seen that somewhere before!

  • @Darren

    You're welcome! Glad to help.

  • Don't think toooo hard before you post to the forum... we love to see your crazy ideas in their raw form. But do consider running Check Style and Analyze (PyFlakes) as they find simple issues (like your unused variable) and push you to make your code more readable. I have become big fan of autopep8 on my Mac. It would be cool to see that level of automatic reformatting as an option in Pythonista.

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