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    Often, when opening Editorial, your place in your folder structure is not preserved, meaning you have to scroll and tap your way back through it to find the folder you want.


    Either a customizable "frequently used folders" list at the top of the folder list or a separate "Shortcuts" tab in addition to the current "Local" and "Dropbox" tabs.


    There's probably a way to create a workflow that would provide this functionality (probably even with a GUI). I'm just not Editorial-savvy enough yet to come up with it.

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    Hey all! I'm new to the forum and relatively new to Editorial, having only started using it extensively since the addition of Taskpaper functionality. There's one big feature wish that comes to mind every time I work with a Taskpaper file on my iPhone, so I thought I might as well mention it here and see what comes of it.


    Taskpaper documents include handy checkboxes in the iPad UI but not in the iPhone UI.


    Include the checkbox functionality in the iPhone UI as well. (If screen space is an issue, maybe it could double as the grabby area you tap and hold to move a list item.)


    1. An alternative already exists (the recently added swipe-the-margin technique), so I'm sure there are more pressing features to add than this. But I've found the swipe technique to be kind of finicky: you have to have good aim, timing and swipe technique in order to avoid selecting text or pulling open the preview screen (both of which really add friction to quickly processing checklists). Whenever I open a Taskpaper file on my iPhone after using it on my iPad, working with it just feels more cumbersome.

    2. Might there be a way to use custom UIs to achieve this now? Having not yet explored the custom UI functionality, I don't know if that even fits in the scope of what the tool's designed to do, but it's a wishful-thinking thought that's crossed my mind a few times. Insight, anyone?

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    [EDIT: the original question appears to have been deleted, so there's no sense in leaving the answer hanging here without context.]

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