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    Very grateful. Thank you.

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  • aliteralmind


    Very happy and long term user of Editorial.

    I have the following workflow and it’s not working. I am having trouble In the loop. I am reasonably confident about the replace But it is obviously not working. There is only one line of output being printed, and without the replacement occurring.

    I would greatly appreciate a bit of advice to push me over the hump. Especially advice on how to better debug this in the future.

    Thank you.

    My goal is to select a set of lines and replace it with an HTML list. If this is selected:


    Then it would be replaced with:



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  • aliteralmind

    It seems that the undo button is back on the iPad, and the "pressing enter after an empty space" issue is gone on both the iPad and the iPhone. A couple issues still remain, but this is great. Thanks.

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  • aliteralmind

    One other new bug,, this time on the iPad only: when the cursor is here,


    Where there is exactly one space between the left edge of the screen and the cursor, and the cursor is immediately following a space and immediately preceding a non-space.

    When you press enter in this situation, it used to be that the cursor moves down a line, and is STILL exactly one space from the left edge. (That still is the case in the iPhone). But now, on the second line it's two spaces. Do it again, then its three.

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  • aliteralmind

    Editorial has been my only plain text editor on iOS for well over a year now. Unfortunately, for the first time, the app seems to have gone a bit downhill since I've updated it, both on the iPad and iPhone.

    On the iPhone, the search feature is suddenly gone from within a document! If not unintentional, that is very disappointing.

    There is a bug on both the iPad and iPhone. There is no way I can find to print a single double-quote when the cursor is at the end of a word. It always prints two, and the only way to get it down to one is to move the cursor after the second and then backspace.

    On the iPad, I am also disappointed to see that the undo/redo button which used to be on the far right extra keyboard toolbar-button, is now gone.

    Please consider addressing these issues, and re-implementing these features. At the very least, please more clearly state the specific consequences of upgrading your app.


    A faithful user.

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