• Balur

    @DavidHutchison Thank you again. With SKIP_FILES collection, can complete folders be skipped without add file by file? Config file is a good direction. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

    Yesterday I also found two more issues about empty folders and re-uploading deleted files.

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  • Balur

    @DavidHutchison Thank you for your update. I tested in my enviroment and I bumped into 2 issues.

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  • Balur

    @upwart I know there is a better approach, but I did the following 3 line modifications:

    Add this line top level, around line 20:
    FILE_FILTER = ('.py','.pyui','.txt')

    Replace line 122:
    before: if file['is_dir'] == False and file['mime_type'].endswith('python'):
    after: if file['is_dir'] == False and file['path'].endswith(FILE_FILTER):

    Replace line 250:
    before: if not file in processed_files and not os.path.isdir(file) and not file.startswith('.') and file.endswith('.py'):
    after: if not file in processed_files and not os.path.isdir(file) and not file.startswith('.') and file.endswith(FILE_FILTER):

    @ccc Thank you for opening an issue about nested folders, hope someone will pick it up soon.

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  • Balur

    @ccc It's upload only .py files, and only in one folder deep. Is this working as expected?

    1. Sketchpad/HelloWorld.py
    2. Projects/RandomThing/RandomThing.py

    First file uploaded, second not. Pyui files and .txt neither.

    I find where can I add more file type to the jam, but not the nested directories.

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  • Balur

    @ccc Am I have the right one? I think not. I am currently using freekrai's version. You mean what I linked last, dhutchison's repo?

    Really sorry I have issue with English as well.

    I gave a quick look at dhutchison's DropboxSync. I had problem with it, because it's only sync very few files. Do it have any limitation?

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  • Balur

    @ccc Edited. Tried my best.

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  • Balur

    @ccc I read this, thanks for mentioning. GitHub, collaboration, fostered code etc are totally new to me, so I'm a bit puzzled. Which one you prefer or suggest? This one?

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  • Balur

    @omz @Webmaster4o Well done, works for me too.

    @JonB Thank you, I extended the functions based on your answer. If you find something about 1/3 screen console, please let me know.

    # coding: utf-8
    import ui
    import objc_util
    def getDefaultConsoleFont():
        return (str(defaults.stringForKey_('OutputFontName')),\
    def getCurrentConsoleFont():
        return (font_family, font_size), char_width, line_height
    def getConsoleCharWidth():
        return int(screenWidth / charWidth-1.5) 
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        print('consoleCharWidth = '+str(ccwidth))

    Sorry for copy paste, it's a bit long.

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  • Balur

    @Webmaster4o, Oh , that's unfortunate.

    @marcus67, I have a NAS with WebDAV service. I'll check your link soon. Thank you.

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