• @cladocora seems to be a bug because ui.draw_string in turtle.py uses its own key parameter color= to draw a string in color, try this little script

    import turtle import ui # copy from standard module turtle.py def write(self,text, move=False, align=None, font=None): """Write text at the current turtle position. Arguments: arg -- info, which is to be written to the TurtleScreen move (optional) -- True/False align (optional) -- one of the strings "left", "center" or right" font (optional) -- a triple (fontname, fontsize, fonttype) Write text - the string representation of arg - at the current turtle position according to align ("left", "center" or right") and with the given font. If move is True, the pen is moved to the bottom-right corner of the text. By default, move is False. Example (for a Turtle instance named turtle): >>> turtle.write('Home = ', True, align="center") >>> turtle.write((0,0), True) """ # TODO: Implement `align` and `font` parameters text = str(text) w, h = ui.measure_string(text) color = self._current_color pos = self._pos def _draw(): #ui.set_color(color) # ui.draw_string uses its own key parameter color= ui.draw_string(text, (pos.x, pos.y - h, 0, 0),color=color) self._add_drawing(_draw) if move: self._pos += (w, 0) self.update_view() def t(): t = turtle.Turtle() t.fillcolor('green') t.begin_fill() t.color('green') for i in range(4): t.forward(50) t.left(90) t.end_fill() def scritta(): t = turtle.Turtle() t.color('green') t.fillcolor('green') t.begin_fill() t.penup() t.goto(0, -20) t.pendown() #t.write('quadrato') write(t,'quadrato') t.end_fill() t() scritta()
  • @cladocora If I correctly understand you want to do this:

    def stampaadestra(s): print(s.rjust(65)) stampaadestra('monty') stampaadestra('python')

    In your code, s was a numeric parameter (1) and you destroyed it by a string ('monty ').

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