• @ccc , thanks. 0k, it's not as scary as it sounds. I know it may seem like a simple think not to know about, but there are a lot of things to know about. Whilst it's good to know about, probably better I don't screw with it, at least for now anyway as @JonB points out. I can get into trouble many other ways 😬😱

    But I love the quote on the wiki page you linked to.

    'If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck, right? So if this duck is not giving you the noise that you want, you’ve got to just punch that duck until it returns what you expect. "

  • For completeness, ui2 works, as does


    and, if you wanted to go the prefersStatusBarHidden route:

    ​ from objc_hacks import swizzle from objc_util import ObjCClass, UIApplication import objc_util # for hideStatusBar storage ​ try: objc_util.hideStatusBar except AttributeError: objc_util.hideStatusBar=False ​ def togglestatusbar(): objc_util.hideStatusBar=not objc_util.hideStatusBar UIApplication.sharedApplication().\ _rootViewControllers()[0].setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate() def prefersStatusBarHidden(obj,cmd): return objc_util.hideStatusBar swizzle.swizzle( ObjCClass('PASlidingContainerViewController'), 'prefersStatusBarHidden', prefersStatusBarHidden) UIApplication.sharedApplication().\ _rootViewControllers()[0].\ setNeedsStatusBarAppearanceUpdate() ​ togglestatusbar() ​

    Note that method belongs to the ViewController, so you have to find a view controller and swizzle it.

  • @JonB thank you! Good to know!

  • @cook , I don't want to complicate things, but to get a attr from any of your objects is just as easy as the reference you provide. The setting of and retrieving of the attrs are not connected.

    But I think of one thing. The first thread was about share code. Meaning it's a lib for other programmers to use. That is different from creating a private function for use by yourself.
    So I mean, the more configurable your class can be it has a better chance to serve more people's purposes without modifying the base code.
    It's tricky. I struggle with it all the time. Of course you need a nice clean API for the programmers to call also. A balancing act.

    But the good thing is you have done it. If it's the best implementation or not, who cares. You have something that works. Then it's just a matter of refinement after that.
    Although the above with the kwargs went off track a little to your exact question, still some very good info there.

  • @cook ,I understand. You of course should leave it as you feels it works. And that's why we edit: ask the more experienced guys in the first place. I think my own limitations/ability frustrates my at times. I do get backed it corners quite often and it frustrates the hell out of me. I can code my way out of the corner, but it seems so ugly to me and it's clear to me my design is just wrong.
    When I was younger I had very little practice using OOP. And whilst I really love it in Python, I don't have the object design skills to pull it off. I think I can do simple things. It's just when the project starts to grow, I quickly see my design is does not support what I want to achieve in a elegant way. I this this is another problem for me, if it's not elegant I tend to sort of freeze up. Rather than just code though it and get something working.
    Of course impatience is another factor. Trying to go to fast, not thinking things out.
    I am thinking the smartest thing for me to do it to give up programming, lol no only joking 😬 I enjoy it to much, but I should take a huge step back and get my head MCV paradigm.

    But to all, I make my comments in good faith. Even if they are incorrect, at the time of writing I believe in them. And I really appreciate all the help I receive from all of you in this forum. It's invaluable

  • there was a discussion about adding a custom rowheight, but the idea is the same. you swizzle the tableview class to add the extra delegate calls.

    See https://github.com/jsbain/objc_hacks

    and rowheight_example

    you will also need the swizzle.py.

  • @jonb many thanks, that got it!

  • @phuket2 thanks for the link. I will read up on that later. Looks like a nice article!

    I had no idea about the MVC method, to be honest. I think though that I was wondering about this sort of thing in particular about this project I am doing. Was trying to understand how to lay out everything. I know that I could do everything in a custom view class, but I felt as if that would be too difficult to navigate the code.

    So I split up into a few classes and it seems okay.

    One class is for dealing with the data (mostly SQL management)
    Then I have my UI

    So perhaps I have a sort of MVC thing going on - but my C is mixed in with my V. My UI class has actions that control my data. I don't see a point to make a separate thing just to put those actions, especially when it's just a few lines of code for some.

    Anyway... Will read through the article more. I think it's very helpful to know how to organize your code. I'm able to do that better now that I have a better handle on what's going on. I've learned some nice gymnastics. Might get bronze. Let's see.

  • If you are doing anything in javascript, i recommend using something like this, to install a useful console logging, and error logging.


  • @jonb was able to work on it more. Thanks so much again for your help. There's not much else to do. I did try the touch.translation but for some reason it was a little glitchy. I don't have time now to fiddle more (I really need to sleep!!!). So I may leave that for another time.

    I added more effect for the master view as it's being swiped (comes in gradually from a -60 X value) added screen size variation rotation should be okay (had to add draw/etc functions for different screen size) changed some code, tried to condense a bit

    Again - I really appreciate your help and comments!

    I put it on github. I don't really use github and I don't know how to so much. I know people can request changes etc, but I'm not really sure how to do all that! Here is the link

  • @omz this is actually a problem when there are no spaces surrounding the stars. In Japanese/Chinese and maybe other languages there are no spaces between words. It's insane, yes. So if I have a word starred in the middle of a Japanese sentence, it won't auto-bold/italicize.

  • @JonB @brumm thanks for writing. Sorry for my late reply.

    Yes @JonB I think it would work with these things, but it's tough. Hence my confusion!!

    @brumm I'm sorry I didn't take the time before to really try what you suggested. It looks good. I'm going to add that into/modify what I have going and see what I can get.

    Really appreciate the help guys!

  • @cook , look for something very simple. Normally it just works for me. But I have also made simple mistakes. When I look for a complicated explanation, I often miss a mis spelling etc, that passes as being valid

  • [solved]

    Sorry...I was doing too much. I realized that the Generate PDF Document already had the root of dropbox so I just needed the rest of the path after that.

  • Yup that did the trick! Thanks @JonB

    Thanks a bunch! I think that's all I want to try with this. I saw there's also a way to set margins so I may put that in as well.

  • @omz thanks again!

    Got it working now....had to also import threading

  • Okay thanks everyone! Sometime I'll look into it a bunch more. Appreciate the alternate suggestions @ccc

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