• crazyfox


    Thank you again for saving my project (and sanity)
    I had read that thread before, but didn’t make the connection.

    Here’s what worked for me:
    I ended up using

    vi = ObjCInstance(b)

    Since my object ‘b’ is ui.Button

    Also, the popover location was off by the title bar height. Used GetTitleBarHeight() from here. Adjusted popover padding with help from here.

    I appreciate how helpful this community is. I’m learning a lot.

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    Hi all-

    I’m trying to present a popover triggered by a button in a TableViewCell.
    My underlying table is a TreeNode (from File Picker) and so I can’t use row_height * row index calculation.
    Converting button.center to screen_coordinates is where I’m getting stuck (I think this is how to accomplish the task)

    Any thoughts?

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  • crazyfox

    @JonB thanks for the suggestions.

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    Hi all,

    I have multiple tableviews presented in navigationview. There is a textview in the root view. I want to collect all user selections (from all nav views) and display in textview.

    1. I'm getting stuck on how to update the textview when a selection is made in deeper sub-levels.

    2. What if the individual tables are generated from separate classes?

    Can you point me towards a strategy to accomplish this task?


    import ui
    import console
    class MyTableView(object):
        def __init__(self, items, name):
            self.items = items
            self.tv = ui.TableView()
            self.tv.name = self.name = name
            self.tv.delegate = self.tv.data_source = self
        def tableview_did_select(self, tableview, section, row):
            if self.name == 'House' and self.items[row] == 'Kitchen':
                print(self.name, row)
                pushed_view = eval('kitchen_tv.tv')
                # does not work. 
                # print('pushed view: {}\nnav view: {}'.format(pushed_view.name,pushed_view.navigation_view))
                # pushed_view.navigation_view.superview.superview['txv'].text += self.items[row] +'\n'
            elif self.name == 'Kitchen' and self.items[row] == 'Fruits':
                pushed_view = eval('fruit_tv.tv')
                # does not work
                pushed_view.navigation_view.superview.superview['txv'].text += self.items[row]+'\n'
                tableview.navigation_view.superview.superview['txv'].text += self.items[row]+'\n' #this works
        def tableview_number_of_sections(self, tableview):
            return 1
        def tableview_number_of_rows(self, tableview, section):
            return len(self.items)
        def tableview_cell_for_row(self, tableview, section, row):
            cell = ui.TableViewCell()
            cell.text_label.text = self.items[row]
            return cell
    house_list = 'Bed Bath Kitchen'.split()
    kitchen_list = 'Fruits Vegetables Drinks'.split()
    fruit_list = 'Orange Grape Apple Banana'.split()
    house_tv = MyTableView(house_list, 'House')
    kitchen_tv = MyTableView(kitchen_list, 'Kitchen')
    fruit_tv = MyTableView(fruit_list, 'Fruits')
    root = ui.View(frame=(0,0,630,330),background_color= '#e3f4ff')
    txv = ui.TextView(name='txv', frame=(320,10,300,300), background_color='white')
    nav_base = ui.View(frame = (10,10,300,300), background_color= '#fafafa') #container for nav
    nav = ui.NavigationView(house_tv.tv)

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  • crazyfox

    @cvp. Helpful! Thank you.

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  • crazyfox

    @cvp Thank you for taking the time.
    I think I was making it harder than it should be.

    @crazyfox first, replace load_str by load_view_str 😀

    ...I see it now. Editing/posting error trying include pyui string.

    @crazyfox sincerely, I don't understand your

            cell = ui.TableViewCell()
            cell = MyDropDown(tableview, section, row, frame=(100,0,200,100), items=itemslist).as_cell() 

    ...This evolved out of series of TypeErrors and issues with arguments I could not fix elegantly.

    Much more to learn. Thanks again for your help.
    Until next mental block.

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  • crazyfox

    Thanks @cvp
    This is what I’ve cobbled together (with inspiration from @cvp and @jonb.
    Very crude.

    1. I’m trying to understand how to position UI elements in table view row.
    2. looks like row_height in main table has to tall enough for dropdown views and touch capture.

    I’m an absolute beginner, so any feedback is appreciated.
    Thanks, KP

    [picture link] don’t know why I can’t do inline images. https://imgur.com/n4U3RCf

    import ui, console,dialogs
    pyui_str = r'''
        "nodes" : [
            "nodes" : [
            "frame" : "{{21, 24}, {480, 287}}",
            "class" : "TableView",
            "attributes" : {
              "flex" : "WH",
              "data_source_items" : "Row 1\nRow 2\nRow 3",
              "name" : "tableview1",
              "frame" : "{{120, 110}, {200, 200}}",
              "data_source_number_of_lines" : 1,
              "class" : "TableView",
              "background_color" : "RGBA(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0)",
              "data_source_delete_enabled" : true,
              "data_source_font_size" : 18,
              "row_height" : 66,
              "uuid" : "BE2CD45E-DD3C-496F-98C3-93E1222A94AA"
            "selected" : false
        "frame" : "{{0, 0}, {523, 405}}",
        "class" : "View",
        "attributes" : {
          "enabled" : true,
          "background_color" : "RGBA(1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000)",
          "tint_color" : "RGBA(0.000000,0.478000,1.000000,1.000000)",
          "border_color" : "RGBA(0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,1.000000)",
          "flex" : ""
        "selected" : false
    class MyDropDown(ui.View):
        def __init__(self, tableview, section, row, items=[], frame=(0,0,200,200), *args, **kwargs):
            super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
            self.frame = frame
            self.border_width = 1
            self.border_color = 'red'
            tf = ui.TextField(name='tf')
            tf.enabled = False
            tf.frame = (self.x,self.y,self.width-32,32)
            tf.border_width= 1
            tf.corner_radius = 5
            self.tf = tf
            b = ui.Button()
            b.frame = (tf.x+tf.width,self.y,32,32)
            b.image = ui.Image.named('iob:arrow_down_b_32')
            b.border_width = 1
            b.corner_radius = 5
            b.action = self.b_action
            tv = ui.TableView()
            tv.frame = (self.x,tf.height,tf.width,self.height-32)
            tv.border_width = 1
            tv.corner_radius = 5
            tv.data_source = ui.ListDataSource(items=items)
            tv.height = min(24*3,24*len(items))
            tv.row_height= 24
            tv.delegate = self
            tv.hidden = True
            self.tv = tv
        def b_action(self,sender):
            self.h = self.height
            def showtable():
                self.border_color = 'green'
                self.tv.hidden = False
                self.height = self.tv.height+32
        def tableview_did_select(self,tableview, section, row):
            # Called when a row was selected
            data = tableview.data_source.items[row]
            self.tf.text = data
            def hidetable():
                self.border_color = 'red'
                self.height = self.h
            tableview.hidden = True    
        def as_cell(self):
            return c
    class MainView(ui.View):
        def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
            super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
            v = ui.load_str(pyui_str)
            t = v['tableview1']
            t.delegate = t.data_source = self
            t.row_height = 222
            self.content_view = None
            self.tbl = t
        def tableview_number_of_rows(self, tableview, section):
            # Return the number of rows in the section
            #return len(self.items)
            return 2
        def tableview_cell_for_row(self, tableview, section, row):
            # Create and return a cell for the given section/row
            if row==0:
                itemslist = ['as','sd','df']
            elif row==1:
                itemslist = ['wer','qwe','ghj']
            cell = ui.TableViewCell()
            cell = MyDropDown(tableview, section, row, frame=(100,0,200,100), items=itemslist).as_cell()
            seg = ui.SegmentedControl(name='segRL')
            seg.segments = ['R','L']
            seg.selected_index = -1
            seg.frame = (0,0,96,32)
            seg.action = self.seg_action
            tf_stent = ui.TextField(name='tf_stent',placeholder='boo')
            tf_stent.enabled = True
            tf_stent.clear_button_mode = 'while_editing'
            tf_stent.frame = (500,0,60,32)
            tf_stent.border_width= 1
            tf_stent.corner_radius = 5
            tfl = ui.TextField(name='tfl')
            tfl.enabled = True
            tfl.clear_button_mode = 'while_editing'
            tfl.frame = (seg.width+4,0,120,32)
            tfl.border_width= 1
            tfl.corner_radius = 5
            self.tfl = tfl
            return cell
        def change_row_ht(ht=44):
            self.tbl.row_height = ht
            #redraw display
        def seg_action(self, sender):
            sideRL = sender.segments[sender.selected_index]

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  • crazyfox

    Hi all,
    Any ideas on recreating the UI seen in Apple Mail rules (attached) or similar(smart mailboxes, etc)? i.e. Expandable table with multiple dropdowns in each row.

    I am populating tableviewcell_for_row with custom UIView class and other standard elements. The layout has been difficult to define and dropdown selections are restricted to row height. I think I can make it work but is not pretty.

    Is there a more elegant way to approach this?



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  • crazyfox

    I’m having the same issue.
    iPad Pro 13.3 cannot see snippets button.

    Disappointing as this was a big selling point for me.

    Am I missing a setting somewhere?

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  • crazyfox

    Thank you. Sorry didn’t mean to hijack your thread.

    It works. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

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