• @daveM If I correctly understand, try:

    import ui v = ui.View() bi = ui.ButtonItem() bi.image = ui.Image.named('iob:bag_32') bi.tint_color = 'green' v.right_button_items = (bi,) b = ui.Button() b.frame = (10,10,32,32) b.tint_color = 'red' b.image = ui.Image.named('iob:bag_32') v.add_subview(b) v.present('sheet')

  • WHOA! Thumbs UP! I didn't know about that, and sure enough, there it is. THANKS!

  • I’m looking at a compass style object using the attitude sensor.

    I’ll try those now. Thanks guys

  • Thanks for that. It turns out there's a little more to my problem than that because as soon as I did it, my left and top position were now different (ie, not zero), but the width and height are wrong.

    It turns out the superview's self attribute(s) aren't fully available or defined or set of other. Not sure what it is, but after putting in fixed values I got something closer to what I wanted. I'll work on refining it later. Thanks!!!

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