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    I'm new to Editorial on iPhone and would like to ask if something is possible... and to see if anyone can point me in the right direction:

    When creating a new file, right after pressing the new file button I'd like the cursor positioned in the filename in an editable state so that the first thing I type in my new files is the filename.

    I've figured out/copied a document template workflow to present a pop-up window into which I can type a name and this used to name the file. Which is handy - but, as far as I can see, this pop-up can't/won't provide spell-check/corrections or suggestions.

    Is there a better, quicker and more streamlined way to make naming the file the first thing when creating a new document? (I know that clicking on the filename isn't hard. But it is an extra step).

    Ideally, if at possible, something like Simplenote does where the first line of a note becomes the title (with an appropriate file extension added) would be perfect. Perhaps a workflow that runs on exiting a note for the first time and forms the name/renames from untitled at that point after extracting the first line?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'd created much the same thing... I think the bit that was missing (until I just spotted it) for me is the Keyboard Options and the ability to have the Text input pop-up check-spelling, and offer sugguestions.

    I've enabled these and it makes it much more usable.

    It's still perhaps not as slick as if the cursor were in the filename right away, or if the first line of the document body could form the name. But it's better.

    Perhaps what I'm really after just isn't do-able.

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