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    @omz how long would it take for this fix to make it into the App Store? Also, will getting the beta affect my files/settings in any way?

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    While developing a streaming app for Pythonista I noticed that it usually crashes after some time. Turns out it's somehow related to loading/unloading images with scene. Here is a minimal example that crashes Pythonista reliably:

    import scene
    import random
    from cStringIO import StringIO
    import Image
    def raw_jpeg(img):
        buf = StringIO()
        img.save(buf, 'JPEG', quality=50)
        data = buf.getvalue()[::]
        return data
    imglist = [raw_jpeg(img) for img in [
        Image.new('RGB', (512, 384), 'red'),
        Image.new('RGB', (512, 384), 'yellow'),
        Image.new('RGB', (512, 384), 'green'),
        Image.new('RGB', (512, 384), 'blue'),
        Image.new('RGB', (512, 384), 'gray'),
    imgnames = []
    while True:
        name = scene.load_image_data(random.choice(imglist))
        if len(imgnames) == 16:
        print name

    It takes a variable amount of time, somewhere between a second and a minute I'd say. And using scene.load_pil_image instead does not help, but only makes the loading process slower.
    Am I missing something? scene.unload_image should free memory, and since this example never exceeds 16 images loaded at once it should have plenty of that.
    EDIT: I am using iPad 4 and what seems to be the latest version of Pythonista.

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    I tried using it with a simple ellipse, but I still have no idea how it works and where actually is the rotation point. It seems as the ellipse is not rotated along its own rotation point (center).

    P. S. A side question: scene.translate just moves objects on the x and y axises by the specified number, right?

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    Heh, no. This is a method of a class Scene, and I am talking about the scene module itself (scene.size not scene.Scene.size)

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    Module scene has a function called size which seems to return the size of the display, but I can't seem to find it here: http://omz-software.com/pythonista/docs/ios/scene ? : ]

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    Hey there. touch_id is basically an ID for every touch - you can have any amount of touches and all of them will have an unique touch_id. It can be used in multi-touch applications to track down different touches.

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  • JadedTuna

    Gonna advertise GamePie some more :)

    Here is a video of a game I am working on (PieRPG): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3cKMUwPd_g.
    It uses GamePie as game engine and runs fine on Linux and iOS.

    P. S. Incase anybody wants to take a look at the code it is here: https://github.com/Vik2015/pierpg. Please note that PieRPG is using a dev version of GamePie (0.2) which is not available yet.

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  • JadedTuna

    I finally made something that works! :)

    GamePie allows you to create games which can be ran on many platforms. The project was created to allow creation of cross-platform games - those that can run on both iOS devices and PCs. It's licensed under zlib license.

    Git repository is here: https://github.com/Vik2015/gamepie. For PC you need gamepie-pc/ and for iOS - gamepie-ios/. Just put it in the site-packages folder and rename to gamepie.

    Check examples/ folder to see some examples. Currently it contains planes.py which is a shooting game where you control the player and your goal is to shoot down as many enemy planes as possible. Player can be controlled via keyboard on PC (left/a and right/d keys, space shoots, escape quits) and mouse/touches on PC and iOS. Nothing fancy :)

    If you have any ideas about what can I add to it please post them here.

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  • JadedTuna

    @Moe, thanks, cross-platform support was the intention :). Btw, the library also automatically converts Pythonista coordinates ([0, 0] is bottom-left) to PyGame coordinates ([0, 0] is upper-left).

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    Hey guys. Is it possible to draw 3D objects in Pythonista? I know it doesn't have 3D libraries, but AFAIK Doom was made in DOS without 3D libraries (2.5 D or something). Is it possible to do such stuff in Pythonista (and if it is, what's the estimated speed?). Thanks.

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